Research Roundup - January 2020

Posted on January 23, 2020

Featured Research
BlackRock: Spending Retirement Assets…Or Not?
New research from BlackRock finds most retirees haven't been spending their retirement savings — leaving nest eggs mostly untouched and living on ready sources of income instead. However, future retirees may be less fortunate. While on the surface this is indeed good news — and appears to support the argument that fears of a future retirement crisis are overstated, the conditions that supported this spending and savings behavior are unlikely to persist. Future retirees will face a much different retirement landscape and will need to adopt new sets of skills — behavioral and financial — that will help them systematically tap into retirement savings to support future spending. Read More
AIG: Elder Financial Abuse – See the Signs to Help Safeguard Their Finances
New research from AIG explores the prevalence of elder financial abuse, the tactics being used to financially exploit older Americans, and the steps older Americans are taking to protect themselves. Read More
Wells Fargo: 2019 Wells Fargo Retirement Study Reveal
Findings from Wells Fargo’s 2019 retirement research point to a need for better preparation — to work smarter, not harder. Today’s retirees are happier than workers, despite some having an unmanageable amount of debt and a high level of financial stress. Even high-net-worth investors are worried about running out of money. The research also reveals an opportunity for financial advisors and retirement plan sponsors to coach savers toward better outcomes. Providing the right tools, information, and guidance will help current and future retirees meet retirement goals — making it to the finish line on their terms. Read More
T. Rowe Price: Comfortable with the Uncomfortable
Market commentary from T. Rowe Price finds that although the 2020 outlook remains guarded, monetary accommodation by key central banks appears to have put the global economy on a reflationary course. Low or negative yields pose duration risks for sovereign bonds, but potential opportunities can still be found in corporate bonds and other credit sectors. Technology is expected to continue to disrupt global sectors; for example, falling renewable energy costs have been turning many utilities into earnings growers. Geopolitical events, including the U.S. presidential election, the trade war, Brexit, and Hong Kong unrest, could be triggers for market volatility in 2020. Read More
PIMCO: Seven Macro Themes for 2020
Market commentary from PIMCO looks ahead into 2020, mapping out both the likely path and the potential roadblocks for the economy and investors. The outlook draws on work by PIMCO’s portfolio managers, economists and analysts in preparation for the recent Cyclical Forum, the discussions among investment professionals at the forum itself, presentations by PIMCO sector specialists during two strategy days following the Forum, an investment conclusions drawn by the Investment Committee after the event concluded. The paper discusses seven key macroeconomic themes PIMCO expects in 2020, and their implications for investors. Read More