Research Roundup - March 2020

Posted on March 24, 2020

Featured Research
Prudential: COVID-19 Survey
New research from Prudential explores the extent to which Americans are concerned about the impact of a disease outbreak on their health, personal finances, and the U.S. economy. The paper also looks at the role employers play in keeping employees informed and providing health resources, and how increasing concerns about potential losses in investment or retirement accounts is causing some Americans to rethink their plans for these accounts. Read More
MetLife: Evolving Retirement Model Study
MetLife recently released the Evolving Retirement Model Study. Conducted by the Harris Poll, employers, workers and retirees were surveyed to examine employer strategies for managing an aging workforce, and the impact those strategies are having on workers and retirees.  The retirement model has three components: (1) retirees are shouldering more of the burden for their retirement security; (2) retirement has evolved to be more fluid — with an ebb and flow between work and retirement; and (3) for some workers, retirement is now unattainable. Key findings include that nearly one in 10 workers (9%) never expect to retire, employer concern about the impact of delayed retirement has risen to 43% in 2019, up from 26% in 2009, nearly all workers and retirees (95%) say it’s important for retirees to have a source of guaranteed income they cannot outlive, and 82% of employers who were awaiting clarification on the annuity safe harbor, which was contained in the recently passed SECURE Act of 2019, said they were likely to offer a guaranteed income option within five years of its issuance. Read More
J.P. Morgan: Guide to Retirement - 2020 Edition
New research from J.P. Morgan contains a wealth of data and findings about the retirement landscape (including facts and implications of the SECURE Act), retirement savings needs, spending, investing, taxes. The report also addresses the mechanics, potential and tax implications of defined contribution savings plans.
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Capital Group: 4 Ways to Stay Calm When Markets Stumble
New market commentary from Capital Group discusses the impact of shock events such as the coronavirus outbreak and related stock market volatility, which can cause investors and 401(k) plan participants to act on their emotions; how putting a plan in place when markets turn south — and reviewing that plan when emotions are running high can temper this impulse; and how the current market volatility gives investors, advisors and plan sponsors a golden opportunity to talk about what to do — or not do — if there is a sustained downturn. Read More
Wells Fargo: The Perils of Trying to Time Volatile Markets
Market commentary from Wells Fargo discusses the implications for long-term returns of missing a handful of the best days in the market, and the benefit and difficulty of attempting to miss both the best and worst days by employing a tactical asset allocation strategy to potentially to reduce equity exposure when the risk of a bear market or recession rises. Read More