October 29, 2018 - Research Roundup

Posted on October 29, 2018

Featured Research
T. Rowe Price: Where 401(k) Design and Corporate Profitability Cross Paths
New research from T. Rowe Price finds that “great” 401(k) plans (those with above-average performance outcomes according to Brightscope®) are very likely to be sponsored by companies with 20 percent to 80 percent higher corporate profitability than companies with “average” plans. While correlation is not causality, i.e. building a better 401(k) alone will not necessarily make a company more profitable, comparing against peers may provide insight into a company’s performance against its competition.
OneAmerica: Understanding and Achieving Participant Financial Wellness
New research from OneAmerica explores retirement plan participant financial wellness, and the factors that contribute to (or impede) the ability to become financially well. The majority of respondents in the study say that being able to meet day-to-day and monthly expenses, and having enough money to retire, most closely align with their personal definition of financial wellness. Gaining control of debt, saving more for retirement, and creating a spending plan or budget ranked most highly among the most important attributes to achieving financial wellness.
Charles Schwab: Consumer Digital Demands
New research from Charles Schwab seeks to measure consumer and robo advisor user preferences, sentiment and experiencing interacting with technology and people across a range of life activities and experiences, including investing and financial planning. Among other findings, the study shows Americans are more likely to automate their day-to-day finances than other daily activities, but they still prefer human assistance over automation.
BlackRock: Global Investment Outlook – Q4 2018
New market commentary from BlackRock covers investing themes for 2018. Continued, steady global expansion and above-trend U.S. growth are expected, but the range of potential economic outcomes is widening. Stimulus-fueled surprises and productivity gains could boost growth and risk assets, whereas escalating trade disputes and rising price pressures could create downside risks. Gradual increases in U.S. rates are tightening financial conditions globally, and have contributed to bouts of volatility and sharply depreciating EM currencies, which argues for a greater focus on making portfolios more resilient to downside shocks.
PIMCO: Monthly Market Update – October 2018
New market commentary from PIMCO discusses current trends in global markets in September. Domestic policy adjustments in vulnerable emerging markets and easing in global trade frictions helped bolster investor sentiment for much of September, major central banks continued to shift toward decreased accommodation, and risk assets in the U.S. continued to outpace global peers while the pressure on emerging markets assets moderated.
IRI Insight - Fall 2018
An aging bull market, generational differences in retirement saving and planning, preventing fraud and protecting against the financial impact of long-term care costs. Check out the Fall 2018 issue of IRI Insight for important and thought provoking analysis of these critical retirement issues.

Also in this issue of IRI Insight:

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  • Talking ’Bout the Generations
  • The Importance of Long-term Care Planning
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