May 16, 2018 - Research Roundup

Posted on May 16, 2018

Featured Research
AXA: Protection, Growth and Income – Helping Consumers Reach Retirement Goals
New research from AXA uncovers several opportunities for financial professionals to drive deeper client satisfaction by proactively discussing protection against stock market downturns, guaranteed lifetime income options and by planning for healthcare expenses. Key findings include eight in 10 individuals expressing an interest in learning about an option that offers principal protection and growth potential; 56 percent of individuals rate their financial professional highly when guaranteed lifetime income is discussed, versus 34 percent who do so when lifetime income is not discussed; and, only 50 percent of individuals say they discuss guaranteed lifetime income with their financial professional, versus 80 percent who discuss risk tolerance.
Prudential: American Workers Survey
New research from Prudential explores financial wellness as a driver of prosperity, examining the financial stress of workers, the connection between financial wellness and employee productivity and commitment to employers, and retirement and financial security. The study finds that American workers spend an average of 3.6 hours a week managing personal financial issues at work, and that personal finances are second only to family concerns as workplace distractions. The study also shows that six in 10 American workers say they are more committed to their employer, and more productive, when employers demonstrate a commitment to employees’ financial wellness. With regard to retirement security, the research reveals that 72 percent of workers are concerned about their financial security in retirement, 65 percent wish they had a better understanding of how much they need to save for retirement, and 54 percent say they will have to delay retirement because they have not saved enough.
Empower Institute (Great-West): Scoring the Progress of Retirement Savers
New research from Empower Institute estimates the percentage of working income that American households are on track to replace in retirement. The estimated monthly income replacement percentage includes projected Social Security benefits (if available), defined benefit and defined contribution assets, personal savings, home equity and business ownership. The median projected income replacement among participants in the study was 64 percent, meaning Americans are on track to replace 64 percent of their current income in retirement.
Federated Investors: What’s Driving the Markets Today?
Recent market volatility is reflecting the tension between exceptionally strong earnings vs. the threat of higher inflation and yields. Portfolio Manager Steve Chiavarone shares his insight on this dynamic.
Putnam Investments: Q2 2018 Capital Market Outlook
New market commentary from Putnam notes that the first quarter at last delivered a 10 percent equity market correction, which commentators had feverishly awaited since 2017, as the market settled into a historic level of calm.
Download the 2018 IRI Fact Book
The IRI Retirement Fact Book 2018 is the definitive guide for the retirement income industry and the go-to resource for financial professionals and public policymakers.. The latest edition provides the most recent research on generational retirement readiness, demographic insights, and marketing trends from the retirement income market place, bolstered by market research and sales data. Other updates include a review of new developments in product innovation and the legal/regulatory environment.
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