June 14, 2019 - Research Roundup

Posted on June 13, 2019

Featured Research
Nationwide: The Nationwide Retirement Institute Consumer Social Security PR Study
New research from The Nationwide Retirement Institute explores current and future retirees' expectations and experience with regard to claiming and receiving Social Security benefits. Among other findings, the study reveals that most pre-retirees cannot correctly select the age at which they will be eligible for full retirement benefits.
Dalbar: Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior – Variable Subaccounts ("QAIB – VA")
New research from Dalbar examines investor behavior within variable annuity sub-accounts in order to quantify the differences between VA sub-account investors and the average investor, finding that variable annuity contract holders invested in equity sub-accounts, on average, earn more than the Average Equity Fund Investor on an annualized basis.
Wells Fargo: Reimagining Retirement – Generational Strategies for 21st Century Challenges
New research from Wells Fargo offers guidance to Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, and Millennials on how to craft a successful retirement, supported by findings regarding how each generation is envisioning, preparing for, and funding their retirement years.  
American Century: How Long Can the Labor Market Fuel Economic Expansion?
New commentary from American Century discusses the labor market as a primary driver of the U.S. economic engine, the implications of changes in labor force participation rates among younger and older age cohorts, and near-term prospects for the employment rate.  
Putnam: Q2 2019 Capital Markets Outlook
New market commentary from Putnam discusses the inversion of the yield curve and other market signals, and the near-term risk of recession.  
Insured Retirement Institute:
Fact Book 2019
The IRI Fact Book 2019 features over 200 pages of the most reliable, comprehensive data and research on insured retirement strategies, including fixed and variable annuities.