IRI Retirement Fact Book 2018 Connects Retirement Risks, Concepts With Products, Solutions, And Professional Guidance

Posted on May 3, 2018

IRI Retirement Fact Book 2018 Connects Retirement Risks, Concepts With Products, Solutions, And Professional Guidance

 Americans Need Retirement Solutions, And Help Understanding Them

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Insured Retirement Institute today released the IRI Retirement Fact Book 2018 to help financial advisors explain complicated retirement strategies and financial instruments in simple terms.

The IRI Retirement Fact Book 2018 is the definitive guide for the retirement income industry and the go-to resource for financial professionals and public policymakers. The latest edition provides the most recent research on generational retirement readiness, demographic insights, and marketing trends from the retirement income market place, bolstered by market research and sales data. Other updates include a review of new developments in product innovation and the legal/regulatory environment.

“The annual IRI Retirement Fact Book is an invaluable information and data resource for the retirement income industry. It covers retirement planning concepts and risks, explains and illustrates products and solutions, and provides an in-depth look at markets statistics such as sales, assets, and asset flows at the industry, company, and product levels,” said IRI President and CEO Cathy Weatherford. “Including the latest IRI research, it explores the need for consumers to plan more effectively for retirement, and the important role annuities and financial professionals play in ensuring those plans result in a secure retirement. Written in an approachable style that is easy for industry professionals and consumers alike to follow, and incorporating more than 100 charts, tables and infographics, the IRI Retirement Fact Book is a comprehensive resource that answers every question anyone may have regarding retirement planning.”

The IRI Retirement Fact Book is the definitive guide and resource for the complete range of retirement concepts: 

• Key findings from IRI research on Baby Boomers, GenX and Millennial research that connect retirement planning success with professional guidance
• Understanding and planning for Social Security and Medicare
• Managing retirement risks such as longevity, health care, long-term care and investment risk
• In-depth descriptions of fixed, fixed indexed, income and variable annuity products and features
• Lifetime income benefit and tax deferral explanation and analysis, including annuity product and benefit illustrations 
• Research on the perceptions of advisors and consumers toward retirement income concepts and products
• Current and historic industry, company and product sales, asset, and distribution channel data
• The latest information and trends in the legal and regulatory environment

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Contact: John B Jennings