Insight October 2021

Posted on October 20, 2021

October 2021  |  Issue 11
This month's issue of IRI Insight features timely resources on the important role of the financial advisor in guiding clients through the process of legacy planning. Effectively leading your client through this process requires meaningful conversation, asking the right questions with sensitivity, and including dependents and spouses when appropriate. Creating a sound legacy plan with your client cannot only deepen your relationship with them but with their loved ones. Learn from this curated selection of articles and webinars created to give you the latest “insight” on how to grow and maintain your business.
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Caregiving needs and preferences have become an increasingly important topic of conversation over the past year. Dr. Ken Dychtwald – CEO and Founder of Age Wave – discusses the growing gap between health spans and life spans and what you and your loved ones should be discussing.
Presented by Lincoln Financial Group
The Value of Helping Minority Clients with End-of-Life Planning
Estate planning conversations with minority clients may require special consideration of social and cultural factors. Our white paper can help you enhance your appeal to this growing sector of clients.
Presented by Nationwide
You don't have to be an attorney to help clients with estate planning. This white paper explains the many aspects of legacy planning, including how a financial professional can help to increase an estate's tax efficiency.
Presented by Nationwide
How to Bring Your Client's Family Into Legacy Planning

Learn practical strategies to include family members in legacy planning conversations. Presented by Brighthouse Financial