Insight December 2020

Posted on December 1, 2020

December 2020  |  Issue 4
Insight, the Insured Retirement Institute's (IRI) monthly publication, was created to highlight our members’ content to benefit the entire membership as well as our financial advisor community.

This month's IRI Insight issue features timely resources on the upcoming tax filing season and the ever-expanding role of the financial advisor. Also included in this issue is a member spotlight highlighting a recent study conducted by Nationwide Retirement Institute. It reveals how the pandemic and presidential election are driving volatility and the increasing demand for protection.

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How Confident are Americans?

Listen as LPL Research CIO Burt White explains the “can't” to “won't” transition out of a supply shock recession and how to deal with a consumer confidence recession.

Presented by LPL Financial

Redefining Your Value

Learn how wealth management is becoming key to the future of advice.

Presented by LPL Financial

Grow Your Business Using Your Client's Tax Returns

Great sources of planning opportunities are the first two pages of your client's 1040 tax return and its  associated schedules and forms. Here are some potential planning opportunities you can uncover with just a quick review of your client's 1040 tax form from this year or last year.

Presented by Brighthouse Financial

Member Spotlight

Advisor Authority Study

Nationwide Retirement Institute's Sixth Annual Advisory Authority Study focuses on an investor/advisor alignment check. It reveals how the pandemic and presidential election are driving volatility and the demand for protection. The study also includes insights on top consumer concerns and strategies to protect against market losses and outliving retirement savings.

Presented by Nationwide

Preparing for Higher Taxes?

Taxes can be confusing. Making sense of how they may change in an election year can be even more puzzling. Tax increases are not certain, but they should remind investors to consider efficient strategies and systematically harvest any capital losses. Help your clients navigate proposed new policies this tax season.

Presented by BlackRock

Year-End Planning Strategies Checklist

As the year-end approaches, it is important to consider a variety of your clients’ planning needs. Use this list to review actionable strategies for clients, checking off topics as you go.

Presented by PIMCO

In this webinar, John Nersesian, Head of Advisor Education, and Libby Cantrill, Head of Public Policy, with PIMCO review important tax planning provisions and actionable strategies to help advisors seek better after-tax outcomes for clients. Participants will learn practical tax planning recommendations to improve client outcomes and provide comprehensive advice beyond investing.
Presented by PIMCO