Insight August 2021

Posted on August 31, 2021

August 2021  |  Issue 10
This month's issue of IRI Insight features timely resources on how empathetic listening, when coupled with sound financial guidance, can be the key to accommodate the diverse needs of your client base. Learn from this curated selection of blog posts, articles, and webinars created to give you the latest “insight” on how to maintain and grow your business.
This issue also includes IRI's 2021 Retirement Readiness Among Older Workers survey, which shows workers need improved retirement saving habits and more realistic retirement expectations while valuing protected lifetime income.
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How Divorce and Widowhood Can Impact Financial Decision-Making for Women
Learn how to help female clients navigate life-changing events.
Presented by Brighthouse Financial
Understanding, Trust, and Deepening Client Relationships
In order to engage in productive, meaningful legacy planning conversations, a financial professional must take on a more significant, immersed role. We refer to this role as the “trusted partner” — one who moves beyond the identification and implementation of tactics in the financial planning process to conversations that elicit the “deep goals” of the client. This in-depth white paper examines the nuances of trust and how your empathy can increase the “affective trust” clients have in you.
Presented by Nationwide
IRI Research
Retirement Readiness Among Older Workers 2021
This report provides IRI member firms with important statistics regarding the retirement savings behaviors, retirement preparation steps, retirement expectations, and retirement investment preferences of American workers. 
Annuities Aren't Just for Retirees
Perceptions are that investing with annuities are only for retirees. The truth is, 2021 research conducted by the Secure Retirement Institute cited 41% of Gen X and millennials would be willing to convert some assets into guaranteed lifetime income. It’s time to take this conversation from awareness to action.
Presented by Lincoln Financial Group
LPL Advisor Lisa Yang Bridges Culture Divides to Create a Diverse Client Base
Lisa Yang draws on her Taiwanese roots to tap into a diverse and younger client base.
Presented by LPL Financial
Kickstart the Retirement Talk with Your Parents
While it might be hard to talk about finances with your parents, it’s also very important. Here are five questions to help start the conversation.
Presented by American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company