Be a Key Sponsor at REACH 2019

REACH19 is a conference designed to offer numerous opportunities for networking that will raise your organization’s profile and capture the attention of the insured retirement industry’s key players. All of the sponsorship opportunities will provide your company valuable recognition, visibility, and branding.

A few REACH19 sponsorship opportunities are listed below. More FUN ideas are listed in the REACH19 prospectus including opportunities at GLOW, IRI’s first glow in the dark reception, our new attendee game and relaxation lounge, and stage time in the general session room. 

Sponsorship registration is now available.

Benefit Chairman President Director
Complimentary Passes 3 2 1
Verbal Recognition in General Session X X X
Logo Recognition on Conference Signage X X X
Logo recognition, company description, and contact info in conference mobile app X X X
Conference attendee list with full contact info 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after event X X X
Logo recognition in program distributed to all attendees X X
Complimentary tote insert X X
Complimentary table top display in high traffic area X
Mobile app push notification X
Dedicated HTML promotional email to conference attendees X
Video ad opportunity in General Session X
COST $16,000 $13,500 $8,500

Additional Conference Sponsorships

Conference tote bag $7,500
Welcome Reception $7,500
Conference mobile app $7,500
Room key $7,000
Lanyard $7,000
Conference Refreshment Breaks $7,500
Mobile device charging station $5,000

If you have any questions, please contact Shani Armon 202-469-3037



Thank you to our premier REACH19 sponsor: