IRI Government, Legal & Regulatory Conference 2015

IRI's largest conference for legal, regulatory, compliance, and government affairs professionals in the insured retirement industry.

The IRI Cyber Security Forum was held on Wednesday, July 1.

Cyber security incidents are often referred to as existential corporate threats and have taken a top spot in enterprise risk management discussions. Legal and compliance professionals must be familiar with the threats and the various issues related to mitigating and responding to them. Even if you are not the individual charged by your company to be primarily responsible for these issues, your primary regulators are expecting you to be informed and to take certain steps concerning these issues. This Forum provided legal department and compliance professionals in attendance with an overview of the following topics to help them prepare for – and if necessary, respond to – a cyber security incident:

•    Update on current cyber risk environment.
•    Update on federal and state regulatory framework with emphasis on insurance and SEC matters.
•    What are the threats that apply to your organization?
•    What is the role of the Board of Directors?
•    What should Legal and Compliance be doing in order to assist the Board with its duties?
•    What is the role of the CISO and what should you know about his/her job?
•    Where does a Chief Compliance Officer fit in and how does s/he work with the CPO and CISO?
•    Do you know how to recognize a breach?
•    What steps do you need to take in order to be prepared for a cyber security incident?
•    What are the consequences and what to expect if there is a breach?
•    What is the litigation exposure and what are the current issues?
•    How do you deal with law enforcement?
•    What employment law issues should you be aware of?
•    How do you comply with SEC disclosure obligations?

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Presentation slides:
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