Building a “Tax Smart” Retirement Income Strategy: Location Matters

While the certitude of taxes will endure, a holistic approach to investment which considers both asset allocation and the subsequent impact of taxes based on the chosen investment strategies can help mitigate their impact on long-term returns. The webinar “Building a ‘Tax Smart Retirement Income Strategy: Location Matters” will look beyond the prism of asset allocation to examine how to build tax considerations into retirement strategies. Considering the prospect of rising income tax rates in the future and the prevalence of more clients reporting employment income in retirement, the need for a tax-smart approach to a retirement income plan is critical.

This CE-approved* webinar will examine the negative impact taxes can have on the success of a retirement income plan and proposes actionable strategies to help clients improve results, including:

  • Building tax diversification into clients’ portfolios to help them better manage their personal tax bill in retirement 
  • Using your client’s personal tax situation to identify the most advantageous withdrawal strategy

The webinar will also examine the current political landscape and how to prepare for potential tax law changes.

Webinar speakers include:

  • Peter Lefkin, SVP, Government and External Affairs, Alllianz of America Corporation
  • Christopher Hennessey, Lawyer and CPA,  Babson College Executive Education; Putnam Investments
  • Donald Plotsky, Senior Product Manager, Western Asset Management Company, an Investment Affiliate of Legg Mason
*Instructions on how to receive CE Credit for attending at least 50 minutes of this live webinar will be announced during the presentation.

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