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IRI and its members are committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) across the insured retirement industry. By acting in collaboration and establishing best practices, we can build workforces that reflect the communities we serve and that encourage all employees to bring their authentic selves to work every day.

The DEI Resource Center has been designed to highlight research, content, and strategies that will help to advance the adoption of DEI best practices across our industry. With this ready information, IRI will enable our member organizations and financial advisors to better examine opportunities for change and continue to push for action.

Standing Together

The insured retirement industry’s commitment and efforts to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion took a major step forward with the formation of the Coalition for Equity in Wholesaling (CEW). The Coalition for Equity in Wholesaling has a simple mission: Create an inclusive wholesaler workforce that mirrors the diversity of America. Through awareness, education, mentoring and networking, the CEW opens the door to a rewarding career for underrepresented communities. The range of experiences and perspectives these new wholesalers can bring to our internal culture will lead to a stronger, more successful company. Our membership in the coalition is an exceptional example of our commitment to diversity and inclusion in our workforce. 




Inclusive Marketing Symposium

The virtual symposium provided a deep dive into the responsibility marketers have in shaping larger diversity and inclusion conversations as well as the structural changes teams can make to establish inclusivity as a lasting, functional pillar rather than a fad. We discussed how inclusive branding that elevates the stories and voices of people who have been typically marginalized or underrepresented is crucial to connecting with diverse audiences, increasing market share, and creating positive social change in the world. 

The Inclusive Marketing Symposium is presented by the Insured Retirement Institute and Money Management Institute.

Maturity Models for Inclusive Marketing

During IRI's 2021 annual conference, Eric Austin, Senior Director, Global Brand & Media Innovation, Procter & Gamble and Yogini Biswas, Chief Brand Officer, Brighthouse Financial provided insights on inclusive marketing campaigns and the importance of using updated data, new voices, and untapped channels to reach previously missed audiences. They also gave an inside look into Procter & Gamble's (P&G)  inspirational “Widen the Screen” campaign and discussed the wider strategy and desired outcomes driving P&G to think differently about the future of marketing.

Plugging the Gaps in Your Marketing Strategy

During IRI's 20 in 21 conference, Dr. Leah Wright Rigueur provided valuable insight on how pervasive institutional obstacles to racial justice have real business and societal implications. Companies that move forward consistently and persistently to adopt diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies will have a positive effect on not only the bottom line but for society as a whole.

IRI Diversity Initiatives

Industry Resources

Our member firms are working diligently to create valuable content, tools and resources that will support their employees, their clients and financial advisors make a more inclusive industry.

For additional information regarding the IRI DEI initiative, contact Christina Brady cbrady@irionline.org or Shani Armon sarmon@irionline.org